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Our ethos

The mission of the RYP Academy is to be Minnesota’s premier golf training facility. Whether you’re a beginner new to the sport or an experienced golfer, simulator bays are available to rent by the hour. Or become a part of our coaching community and improve your game with us.

Our aim is to develop elite high school, collegiate, and professional players. We do this through the most rigorous, holistic, and disciplined approach to training available in Minnesota. We have high expectations for our students and their outcomes, but our model is built on three fundamental beliefs.

A vibrant community brings all of us up. We support our community with ethics of inclusivity, camaraderie, curiosity, and service to others. We push each other to excel and hold each other accountable to the goals we set together. Parents, coaches, and players all play a critical role in supporting our community. Older kids help younger kids through mentorship and all our parents are involved in the success of our students.

We place a heavy focus on building great biomechanics and speed. In Minnesota, we are blessed with a five-month "off season". We view this time as critical runway time to develop a mechanically sound and powerful swing, not time to goof around on a simulator! Our background in biomechanics and motor learning allows us to aggressively target swing flaws that other programs may overlook. Every session from November to February begins with 10-20 minutes of biomechanics to build swings without a focus on results. As we get closer to the season, we pivot towards more skill-building and scoring.

A vibrant community brings all of us up. We support our community with ethics of inclusivity, camaraderie, curiosity, and service to others. We push each other to excel and hold each other accountable to the goals we set together. Parents, coaches, and players all play a critical role in supporting our community. Older kids help younger kids through mentorship and all our parents are involved in the success of our students.

our Team

Our team is led by Luke Benoit, founder of Rypstick and 12-time Golf Digest “Best Young Teacher” award recipient. Luke has assembled an incredible team of experts to provide the most comprehensive junior golf training experience available.

Dr. Luke Benoit, Ph.D., PGA

Founder, President

Dr. Luke Benoit Ph.D. is the founder of RYP Golf (Rypstick) and the Director of Instruction at Interlachen Country Club in Edina, MN. He’s been teaching golf for more than 20 years, but also boasts experience as a college coach and university researcher. Luke’s background is in the area of fitness, motor learning, and biomechanics coupled with a love coaching others has led him to become one of the most sought after coaches for both swing changes and practice design. He does lessons online with golfers all over the world, but specializing in taking competitive Minnesota golfers to the next level.

In 2023, Luke’s players won the Men’s and Women’s Minnesota State, State Open, and MGA players of the year. He has coached more than 120 DI players and coaches several mini tour and 2 LPGA Tour professionals. His vision for the Ryp Academy is to assemble a world-class team of experts, uniting their collective wisdom to deliver the highest echelons of coaching to Minnesota’s passionate golfing community. Luke Benoit is not just a golf instructor; he’s a catalyst for transformation, pushing the boundaries of what golfers can achieve through innovative research supported coaching programs.

Justin Kraft, PGA

Director of Instruction @ Spring Hill GC

Introducing Justin Kraft, a distinguished PGA coach and Director of Instruction at Spring Hill Golf Club. His unwavering dedication to nurturing players’ potential has left an indelible mark on the golfing world. Justin’s social media presence, @kraftygolf, boasts over 150,000 followers.

Renowned for his contemporary and individualized coaching approach, Justin has guided golfers of all levels on their journey to success. His teaching philosophy centers on skill development, biomechanics enhancement, and fostering a winning mindset.

As a player, Justin celebrates an impressive track record, including four collegiate National Championship appearances, multiple “Player of the Year” accolades, All-American honors, and three professional victories. He still holds career records for victories and scoring averages at his school, offering invaluable insights and rapport with his students.

In his coaching career, Justin maintains a steadfast commitment to ongoing learning and growth, exemplified by certifications from US Kids Golf, TrackMan, Swing Catalyst, and TPI Power Level 2. In 2022, he earned the prestigious Minnesota PGA Youth Development Award, a testament to his unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier instruction to his students.

Phillip Herder, MS

Lead Fitness Professional & Manager

Phil Herder joins Dr. Luke Benoit as his primary fitness expert, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Phil’s journey began with high school golf at Rochester Mayo, which eventually led him to pursue a career in Exercise & Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

During his undergraduate years in Health & Human Performance, Phil wore many hats, serving as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for the university’s Campus Recreation. He didn’t stop there; he also successfully completed minors in Coaching and Sports Management, showcasing his dedication to a well-rounded education.

His thirst for knowledge extended further as he pursued a Master’s degree in Strength & Conditioning at Wisconsin-River Falls. His thesis, “Analysis of Golf Strength and Conditioning Programs: Are Coaches Using Golf-Specific Practices?” exemplifies his commitment to advancing his field.

In terms of certifications, Phil is a certified TPI Golf Fitness Professional, NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and ACSM Exercise Physiologist. He’s renowned for his focus on tailoring fitness regimens to individual athletes of all ages and skill levels, emphasizing sport-specific performance enhancement.

Within the RypGolf team, Phil plays a multifaceted role. He guides fitness clients, conducts cutting-edge research studies, and oversees various day-to-day operations at RYP Academy. Notably, he is a published co-author alongside Luke, with their work in the International Journal of Golf Science, where they quantified the relationship between golf skill level and golf shot “feel” estimation.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Phil is also the dedicated girls’ golf head coach at Stillwater Area High School. In his leisure time, he channels his passion for golf into creating innovative exercises and exploring mind-body connection activities, such as yoga and meditation. 

Betsy Kelly

Mental Training Coach

Betsy, a seasoned professional golfer and influential figure in the realms of golf and fitness, is currently on a dedicated journey to secure an LPGA Tour Card. 

Betsy’s ascent in the world of golf began with a tremendously successful junior career. She etched her name into the chronicles of high school golf, setting state records and clinching victory in the highly competitive MN State AAA high school tournament. Her talents saw her grace the grand stages of the US Junior Girls and Junior PGA Championship.

At the collegiate level, Betsy pursued her passion for golf by playing Division I golf at Colorado State. In her freshman year, she showcased her prowess by securing an impressive second-place finish in the fiercely contested Mountain West Conference Championship. Throughout her collegiate journey, she consistently landed in the top 10 and top 5 spots, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the sport.

Turning professional in 2017, Betsy faced a challenging period and made the difficult decision to step away from the game due to health and mental health concerns. However, her passion for golf never wavered, and she made a triumphant return to the sport in 2020.

Notable highlights of her return to the game include remarkable victories at the MN State Open in both 2021 and 2022. In addition, she secured a commendable second-place finish in the 2022 AZ Women’s Open, firmly reestablishing her presence in the professional golf arena.

Beyond her own golfing pursuits, Betsy finds joy and fulfillment in coaching and mentoring the next generation of players, imparting her wealth of knowledge and experience to aspiring talents. Her dedication to the sport is evident in her current participation in mini tours, where she continues to chase her dreams and inspire those who follow in her footsteps.